healthy brunch: to brunch or not to brunch

Should our modern brunches be served with a dose of insulin?

Whether it’s a meeting or a gathering on a lazy Sunday, most of us opt for what we so call a healthy brunch, as an easy meal while spending good times with our friends or a great way to seal a deal with our clients.

Brunch is a great excuse to get together for a lazy afternoon affair. Of course, there’s no better way to do that than over some good, brunch food.

Most of the restaurants nowadays are offering brunch buffets. But is it a healthy brunch? Or more specifically is brunch healthy in the first place?

Well, let’s first dig in into the meaning of the concept.

What is the meaning of brunch?

Brunch is a late morning meal eaten. It combines two important meals of the day – breakfast and lunch. And historically this is where the word came from by blending both words breakfast and lunch in the late 19th century.

Brunch is known to be a cheerful, sociable, and inciting activity. It puts you in a good mood and gets you of a weekend slump.

Is brunch a buffet?

Is brunch buffet?

“Brunch should consist of everything good and plenty of it, variety and selection” – this an actual quote by the inventor of the word brunch, Guy Beringer in 1895.

Does that sound very healthy to you in any way?

In terms of the level of happiness, yes. But it makes you wonder, would brunch affect my health in the long run? Or is brunch bad for weight loss?

If brunch is your thing, but you’re trying to stay healthy, it’s not all bad news. It’s a simple easy change you can make by making better choices.

So to brunch or not to brunch? Always choose al a carte!

Al a Carte

Why? Because regardless of how health-conscious you are, you will always overeat at buffet brunches, as you’re there to get your money’s worth right?

Also, the social factors like when people next to you are piling up on food, prompt you to do exactly the same.

Or, “If the brunch draws a big crowd, it must be popular” you’d retort. Well, fine. But you know who else is popular? Mcdonald’s & KFC.

Keeping in mind that it’s two meals in one, you have an excuse to fill your stomach with double the amount of food you would normally eat.

Furthermore, more choices lead up to more stress and confusion which turn the receptors in your brain to think clearly.

No matter how delicious the brioche or the French toast is, it’ll never outstrip the misery your body suffered through eating it.

So, is brunch bad for you?

Not per se, but brunch buffet? it is definitely!

Dangers and reasons of overeating are many, but the main thing is that it creates an inflammatory response in your body, every time you binge.

“I ate so much I can’t breathe” is not the condition you want to be on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, you should never feel like this.

Inflammation of your body is not something to play with.

And about those bottomless mimosas….Liquid calories add up fast. Drinks made with premade mixes are an easy way to add up loads of sugar to your meal. They should be served with insulin as far as we are concerned.

Kick off your morning only with healthy brunch dishes that your body deserves.

While we’re busy adjusting our food to get the best light for an Instagram-worthy food and drinks picture, are we aware of how many calories we’re about to consume?

It would be just wise to know just what we’re putting into our bodies.

Statistically, people who practice brunch buffet on a regular basis often tend to find themselves adding on extra pounds. The reason is when you arrive for a brunch on an empty stomach, this would only lead to eating too much too soon and you end up adding extra calories.

Bottom line is, make your brunch al a carte.

Healthy Brunch

Get yourself a healthy meal and always get a side of fruit or fruit salad. Ask for the fruit before your meal even arrives so you’re not so ravenous when the main course is put in front of you.

This can be your insurance against overeating.

You may start your healthy brunch with fresh salads without any kind of sauces. Have herbal tea or fresh fruits that will prepare your body for better intestinal processes.

Avoid red meat for the brunch as processed meats and other red meats are high in sodium and cholesterol which takes longer for your body to digest.

Try plant-based protein like soy products which is a whole food high in enzymes.

Plan your menu with your healthy recipes and host your best brunch yet.